Teatro studija su Luise

Luise_next_to_the_board Luise_in_the_snow

Teatro studija su Luise!

Kviečiame prisijungti prie nemokamų teatro užsiėmimų anglų kalba, kuriuos ves tarptautinė savanorė Luise iš Vokietijos.

 „Labas! I’m Luise and starting from January I will offer a new theatre project. I have 3 years of theatre and musical experience in Germany and I want to share the joy, liberation and challenge of theatre with kids and youth here at „Šatrija“. Depending on your interests we’ll decide on a short play to prepare together. Maybe something classic? Maybe something creepy? Something modern? We’ll decide together and get to work. On our journey we will learn how to show emotions, how to use body language, how to act confident on stage and how to tell a story! I don’t speak Lithuanian, so the whole workshop and the play will be in (simple) English. If you are interested register and let’s meet on January 9th 2019 at 4pm at „Šatrija“. I’m looking forward to creating and working with you all!“

Amžiaus grupė: nuo 10 m. iki 17 m.

Užsiėmimai vyks trečiadieniais nuo 16 iki 18 val.  (pirmasis užsiėmimas – sausio 9 d.)