Olga’s EVS


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Hi! I’m Olga from Ukraine – EVS volunteer in Šatrija in 2017. I was in Vilnius twelve months. And now it is time to sum up my EVS experience. Even though, I have been presenting it many times to various people in Lithuania, it is difficult for me to write it down as an article. That is why I thought; as I have many pictures, I would rather combine them with short descriptions.




Here you go – my European Volunteer Service story.






I believe that people are always the most important. I’ve met so many great personalities here. They became my friends and my family.



I still remember my first days in Lithuania. It was cold, gloomy February. Not the best time to visit Lithuania definitely. But I got used to that pretty fast. My empty in the beginning dormitory room became cozy. Šatrija turned into the second home. I started to feel like a local in Vilnius with favorite cafes, bars and other places.



As I have mentioned already Šatrija is my second home and colleagues are like family members. Also I had so many great moments during our projects, summer camps or any other working day.


I should admit that I have been travelling quite a lot. My EVS without trips will be not that bright for sure.


From the begging, on all trainings for volunteers we were told that EVS it is a non-formal education project. That mean I have to learn something. I was pretty skeptical about that. However, now I do understand I was wrong. I had quite a lot of discoveries about myself, people and life in general here.


22218539_1676991552342089_3989794259016392543_oAnd as a conclusion some wisdom of Šatrija’s kids.

That was a lovely year in a lovely place with so many lovely people!

Šatrija and Lithuania will be always in my heart!