Alla’s EVS

Hello! My name is Alla, and I’m a volunteer in Satrija🙂

First, let me introduce the organisation itself. Satrija is a non-formal education club for children and young people. Here you can find foreign language and art studies, a music room, three dance halls and a „free area“ or the so-called “Laisvas Plotas” – a space designed to encourage creativity and/or spend the free time out of the classes. Based on my own experience , “Laisvas Plotas” also occures to be the beloved place for us- volunteers ,since it’s a very cosy and light room and is a comfortable place to work and hold some activities.

Following the topic about activities, in my case the ones held were english classes for kids and french classes for teenagers, as well as a book club, which was once a month activity. But it’s important to remember that as a volunteer one can choose any activities suitable for them to hold and to initiate, there are no rules of how and what you should do, everything is about non-formal education and learning through experience.

Last, but not least, I’d like to mention that as a volunteer I was assisting the pottery classes, since the teacher needed some additional help, and this was a great opportunity to learn something I have never tried before! It was very interesting not only to learn how to make something beautiful out of clay, but to learn how to get in contact with the kids who help you learn their mother-tongue.

And as a conclusion I can only add that I’m glad I had this opportunity, since I learned many new things and met many creative, artistic and interesting people during this beautiful journey.

Good luck!